Boardwalk Lotus


Lotus Type 132 is Coming to Life. Spring 2022.

Teaser #1 – Breathe

This first communication is titled “Breathe” and shows the unique and innovative active grille shutter on the Type 132. It is an authentic Lotus air management solution with a dual purpose – for cooling and for enhanced frontal aerodynamics.

Teaser #2 – See

This second communication is titled “See” and shows the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) front sensor on Type 132. It is the eyes of the car which will support Lotus’ pioneering intelligent drive technologies on its new generation of electric vehicles.

Teaser #3 – Stretch

This third communication is titled “Stretch” and shows the active rear aero on Type 132 coming to life. It continues a long history of Lotus pioneering active and aero technologies, dating back to legendary triumphs in Formula 1 and stretching right up to the present day with the ‘porous’ and aerodynamic design of the Evija hypercar.

Teaser #3 – Awaken

This fourth communication is titled “Awaken” and shows Type 132’s infotainment system coming to life as part of the car’s exciting and immersive start-up sequence of multiple screens, sounds and lights, demonstrating the car has woken and is ready for action.